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Piotnet forms full overview tutorial

Updated: 08/08/2021
Est. Reading: 1 minute

What you can expect to learn:

In this Piotnet forms full overview tutorial we will go over all available fields and most of all Piotnet Forms features.


00:00:00 Intro

Let's start this Tutorial by talking a little bit about Piotnet Forms. For me, Piotnet is one of the best Form Builders available on the WordPress Market.

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00:00:54 Piotnet forms discount code

00:02:40 FormStyler by Elijah Mills

00:04:08 Oxygen builder templates

00:07:15 Let's start building the form

00:10:14 Learning the basics

00:18:33 Copy and paste styles

00:23:13 Debugging

00:26:01 Adding our first field

00:31:16 Actions after form submission

00:33:47 Styling on the global settings

00:40:28 Preview submissions

00:47:34 Fixing column alignment with CSS

00:58:34 All about the radio field

01:04:10 The select field in depth

01:08:05 Improving the layout

01:12:23 More styling

01:15:20 Making it mobile responsive

01:20:50 Trying to style it with FormStyler.com

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