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About Madeira Font

MadeiraFont.com is a personal project of mine. In short, is a website that I've made to showcase the Poncha Font. The Poncha Font is a typeface that I've created, inspired by the new brand of Madeira Island. (Where I live.) I literally started off from the 6 unique letters on the word Madeira and made a complete font that is now available to download for free. This is a True Type SVG Color font and It's still not fully supported by all the browsers. You can download it here.

The Website

This Website is mainly a one-page website and it has some nice features, like the custom font, the download, and sponsor forms, and the font designer/tester.

The font designer/tester was a fun experiment, I wanted a way to allow the visitors to test the font live on the website, that was pretty easy. Then I got this idea to allow people to save the generated messages with a nice background image of Madeira Island. This way they can interact with the font, and at the same time, they get to take with them a little reminder of my Island.

Now, to make it even more interesting, I had to allow people to change the background image randomly by refreshing the page.

All these little things made this project a lot of fun to build. Some of them I've done for the first time and was an awesome learning experience.

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