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About Mimos Bao

Mimos Bao is a sweet restaurant/snack bar from Madeira Island, that works with Baos, as they say in Chinese, or buns as it is called in English, is a delicate roll, naturally fermented dough, in a slow and steamed process. The Buns are super delicious and made with fresh, organic, local ingredients.

The Webstore

The challenge here was to make a one-page website packed with information, including the location, an order form, and a completely editable menu.

This website was a lot of fun to build. With a one-page website, it’s always a challenge to manage all the information in just one page without making it feel cluttered. In reality, the website has more pages, if we account for the order page, thank-you page, and menu pages, we have a total of 4.

We have developed a complete menu with an ACF Pro repeater that is easily updated through the backend of the site, making it very useful and practical.

Serving to a larger audience, the website’s fully translated into two languages, Portuguese and English. We even designed custom flags inspired by the brand, for the language switch.

The order form was completely designed from scratch and ads the ability to order several products and schedule a delivery for any day in the future.


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